102 CD & The Open Farm Sundays

Tonight i’m heading all the way down to beautiful Liskeard in Cornwall to talk to the Chief Exec of LEAF (Linking Environment And Farming), Caroline Drummond @LEAFchief

We talk about her early life growing up in the countryside, and how she developed a keen interest in all things farming, which resulted in her eventually becoming the first female President of the students union at Seale Hayne Agricultural College.

We also discuss her time as lead singer of CD & The Sensations (!), before going on to talk about her time travelling and working on various farms, including a stint on a cattle station in Australia. 

We then go into how she first came across LEAF, what the organisation does, and how she initially got involved in 1991, and how it’s changed and evolved in the 28 years she’s been there, before discussing at length the incredible OPEN FARM SUNDAY. We talk about what it is, how and why farmers can get involved, with this year’s event taking place on 9th June, and some of the incredible results they’re seeing in the perception of UK agriculture. 

For more information visit www.farmsunday.org 

All this and much, much more.

Caroline’s a legendary figure in British farming, and it was fantastic to talk to her tonight.

Check it out folks.. 

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