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Rock & Roll Farming with Sue Pritchard

Tonight I’m delighted to be once again staying in Wales and heading down to beautiful Monmouthshire to talk to farmer and director of the Food, Farming and Countryside commission, Sue Pritchard.

Firstly we talk about her early life growing up in the Rhondda Valley, in a family shaped by Wales’s industrial heritage, who were mainly miners and smallholders. We also go into how although she was adopted, farming and keeping animals really was in her blood, as she found out much later.

We discuss the scholarship that she won to study at a prestigious international school, and the culture shock it meant, before going on to talk about student life in the early 1980’s at Bristol University studying politics and social policy, and dyed pink hair and dungarees!

We then go on to talk about her career, firstly in the NHS in training and development, and then as an independent consultant specialising in leadership and change. We also go into what makes a good leader.

We then talk about her move back to Wales, and the dream come true that was being able to buy a farm in Monmouthshire with her Parents and family. We discuss the changes they’ve made there, including working with the resources they have, and helping disaffected teenagers.

Lastly, we talk in detail about the Food, Faming and Countryside Commission, and the detailed report they’re compiling, visiting people from all around the country to gather their views about what matters most to them for the future of rural communities.

It was a genuine pleasure to talk to Sue tonight, and learn more about her life and what she’s doing.

Check it out folks..



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