071 Farm Africa

Tonight I’m delighted to be heading down to London to talk to agronomist and programme support coordinator for the amazing charity Farm Africa, Emma Dennis @FarmAfrica

Firstly we here an explanation of what an agronomist actually is, and how she explains it to people at parties, before going on to talk about her family’s farm in Cornwall.

We discuss her time studying Environmental Biology at UWE in Bristol, and how her interest in food production and development began at this time, before hearing about an amazing overland trip from Nairobi in Kenya, to Jo’burg in South Africa sparked a love for Africa which has never gone away.

We then hear about how she discovered agronomy whilst studying for an MSc in International Rural Development at the RAU, and how after a lot of hard work she eventually ended up working for Agrii, based in the Cotswolds.

We then talk about how she first got involved with Farm Africa, with a trip to Tanzania helping to build beehives to help Women in the Nou dorset area, and how this ultimately led to the job she does now.

We discuss FARM AFRICA in detail, and what this amazing charity does to help African farmers to increase their harvest, build their incomes and sustain natural resources, partnering with governments and the private sector to find effective ways to fight poverty. We also hear about Emma’s role as a Programme support coordinator, and how she oversees projects across Kenya, Tanzania, Ethiopia and Uganda.

All this and lots, lots more.

It was fantastic to talk to Emma and learn more about what she does with Farm Africa. If anyone wants to find out more about this amazing charity, or help out in any way, please visit www.farmafrica.org